Stampede Feeders maintains affiliation with the following companies:
US Premium Beef
Qualified Custom
Feedlot Member
Tracy Thomas
As a USPB Qualified Custom Feedlot Member we:
are regular suppliers of finished cattle to USPB, and have experience in managing and marketing cattle to their value-based endpoint. 
are USPB members, own shares, and make those shares available for customer use. 
actively promote U.S. Premium Beef to our customer base.
encourage the use of individual animal electronic identification systems.
consult veterinary expertise for selection and proper use of animal health products.
consult the services of a nutritionist for up-to-date information on feeding cattle for a value-based marketing system.
manage stress on incoming feeder cattle to ensure optimum cattle performance in the feedlot and on the rail.

Certified Angus Beef, LLC
Feedlot Partner
As a CAB Feedlot Partner we:
dedicate at least one individual to attend quality assurance training and serve as the certified quality assurance officer to implement and oversee activities at the feedlot.
focus on feeding Angus and  Angus-type cattle through enrolling a percentage of the feedlot's annual marketing volume.
sell all cattle enrolled with Certified Angus Beef LLC to a licensed packer through a marketing system structured to reward those carcasses meeting CAB specifications.
evaluate and implement identified management practices that enhance CAB acceptance rates.
provide our customers with partnership opportunities, financing, risk management assistance and recommendations on preconditioning and management strategies prior to being placed on feed.
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